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Meet Sophia

Sophia rocked this more goth-y bridal look and these more skimpy lingerie pieces. She totally pulls off edgy with a hint of romance. While she has a “perfect” body there is so much more to sexy- things like expression and just the right amount of edge and Sophia nailed it. I love the natural look that Brittany gave her and I mean don’t even get me started on her lips!  We created a lot of mood in her session to go with the edgier vibe, I love the contrast and shadows created by the directional light in my studio. 

sophia2 (1).jpg

So glad to have found Misty on Google looking to get a surprise photo shoot done. I hate taking pictures because I can never get the right angle, so I went it expecting to look horrible in the pictures that were about to be taken. I’m not sure if it was her coaching, the fierce make up and lashes from Lauren, or the fact that she is just amazing with a camera, but I would recommend to anyone! I see why women say you have to have at least one boudoir shoot in your life time! -samantha

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