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Boudoir Photography Frequently Asked Questions

You asked questions and she asked too so I compiled them all and answered... You'll find two sets of Q + A's on this page.

Basic Questions about boudior

If you have been thinking about doing boudoir but are just not sure, let me get rid of some of the usual barriers for you...


"I don't have a perfect body" 

I have been photographing women for 10 years and have learned a lot about posing and bodies and beauty and "sexiness" if you will. I am a firm believer in that EVERY woman is beautiful and has something special and unique about her. My job is bringing that out and helping you connect with those parts of yourself. With proper posing, light, professional hair and makeup and well-planned wardrobe every woman looks her best...

I mean, really, who does? I consider myself a pretty awkward girl but people have told me for years how they like my "style" and how "sexy" I's in who you are, the way you move, your smile, the culmination of your life experiences that make you, YOU. Your body is just the physical manifestation of that. I will walk you through every single thing and my experience photographing women makes me extremely detail-oriented..always focusing on curves and long graceful limbs, beautiful necklines (no double chins!!) and relaxed, comfortable poses...

"I don't know how to pose or '"be sexy"

Well I just happen to own lots of sexy and beautiful things. I have curated a wardrobe collection of VS, WeareHaH, Free People and other intimates, bridal robes and maternity pieces, veils, garters, hose and harnesses and gigi pip and janessa leone hats that are yours for borrowing. A session like this is the opportunity to think outside the norm, wear things you might never wear in "real life" and find a look that is uniquely "you". I will consult with you about your wardrobe and/or completely style you myself...

I don't own anything sexy"

Ok, I hear this a lot. And I mean I will admit this is an investment and I know that with most women the last place they will spend money is on themselves. Lots of brides are doing sessions for a groom's wedding day gift, women are doing boudoir for anniversaries or Valentine's day or other holidays, they choose boudoir to celebrate a milestone age or weight loss or other accomplishment. There really is no one singular awesome reason to do this but my favorite is just for yourself. I have found over the years my favorite thing about boudoir is connecting with women, spending hours in my studio with them, hearing their stories, laughing, making art and showing them to themselves through my lens and the lens the rest of the world usually see's them too. I love how empowering this experience is for women and think every woman should have the opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of an artist. 

"I don't have anyone to do this for"

During the years I have been shooting boudoir, I have worked toward getting to this place to offer a full-service boudoir studio with a high-end experience, fine art prints and heirloom quality albums. There were many years where the experience was nice, but less and the price reflected that. I think of it this way, this really is something most women might do one time in their life. I wanted to make it memorable and perfect. I feel like I am able to do that now. Every session includes professional hair and makeup with lash application, styling consult, access to wardrobe and your own personal reveal. I do offer installments if budget is an issue and several different package options.

"This is too expensive for me to do for myself"

I'm booked, now what???

Let's face it, growing old gracefully is a challenge for sure. But there is something to be said for withstanding the tests of time, for embracing the storms of life and years, our wrinkles and stretch marks and extra pounds. I have personally struggled with this after being basically a genetic beast most of my life, athletic and strong and looking forever young. Then a battle with cancer took away the very things that defined me as a woman and the years since have left lots of physical struggles and at the ripe old age of 48 or so I found myself constantly criticizing myself for the weight that medical induced menopause "gifted" me and for the noticeable changes that weathering the years had caused. Then, in a moment I had this thought- that my old beat up body had fought so hard for me, endured so much- and maybe I should be a little gentler on myself. I have learned to embrace and hold dear all the things that make me beautiful beyond skin-deep and the truth is I have never wanted a photo session more than in these last couple years to mark this place in my life and honor my own journey. I have photographed women in their late 50's & 60's Beauty indeed has no age.

"I'm too old"

I'm booked, now what???

Tips are never expected but always appreciated, if youlove your look feel free to tip your artist! 

Do I tip the hair and makeup artist?

I never suggest tanning, often spray tans look orange-y in images so if you do be sure it's a quality tan. If you tan in tanning bed or outside be aware of tan lines! 

What about tanning?

You will come to 725 S. Loudoun st. in Old TownWinchester. There is on-street 
parking that is free out front.

What is the address?

Arrive at your appt. with clean, dry hair, no product, and a clean, moisturized face. Plan to be at my studio 3 to 3/12 hours. Please do not put any hairbands on your wrist that day it will leave a big dent in your arm! 

How do I arrive?

I prefer to work alone with my clients but you may bring one friend if they wait in the waiting area while we shoot.

Can I bring a friend?

Sure, you are welcome to drink responsibly while you have your session if you need to calm your nerves a bit or just unwind! I happily provide coffee, tea and water. 

Can I bring an adult beverage?

Sure, I am happy to meet with you or chat via phone or online to plan your session so it's exactly what you are hoping for. 

Can I send you inspiration photos?

Sure! Bodysuits always look amazing, I love high waists and layers of lace or other fabrics. I have fishnets and thigh highs and garters you are welcome to borrow. Less is not always more but you are welcome to go as bare as you want! If you need more specific ideas please reach out!

I don't know what to wear, can you suggest something?

No worries, this is my job, I will help you relax and I will walkyou through everything!

I'm nervous, I don't know how to pose...

I often shop Victoria Secret clearance sales, I love WeAreHah brand lingerie, I have found amazing pieces for practically pennies in the intimates section of GabrielBrothers, Shein (cheap from china but a lot of great stuff fora photo shoot), subscriptions like Adore Me, for edgier pieces try Thistle & Spire or Honey Birdette.

Where can I shop for wardrobe?

Yes! I have a client closet full of bodysuits, lingerie, slips, robes, veils, a bridal cape, fishnets, garters, harnesses. Reach out to find out more specific info and sizing.

Do you have things I can borrow?

Expect your final gallery 2 weeks after you have made yourselections.

How long to receive my final images?

Of course! You can always add-on via the a la carte menu.

Can I add extra digital files or products after mysession?

After you choose your photos that come with your package you have an additional 2 weeks to add-on any extra digital files, etc. 

How long do I have after my reveal to make all selections and add ons?

If you choose an online reveal it will be a watermarked low-resolution gallery to choose your favorites. This gallery will be mostly unedited and I will edit after you make your choices. It's standard in this industry to never give out unedited images. Anything not selected will just be deleted to make room for new galleries so be sure to get all the digitals that you want at the time of ordering and choosing favorites.

Do I get to keep my unedited images?

I never share images without permission. Some ladies allow me to share and some allow me to share anonymous images, meaning you are unidentifiable in the image- no face or face hidden or in shadows. I always honor my client's requests just let me know what your preferences are!

Are you going to share my images?

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