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Timeless, Ethereal, Soulful...

Boudoir, Nudes, Intimate Maternity Photography for EVERY Woman. 


Misty is amazing!!! So professional and talented- she makes you feel comfortable from start to finish. I am so happy with this experience and would highly recommend her to anyone in need of a photographer. - Caity

Hi! I'm so glad you stopped by. If you have been thinking about doing boudoir but just not sure, let me get rid of some of the usual barriers for you...

  • "I don't have a perfect body"
    I have been photographing women for 10 years and have learned a lot about posing and bodies and beauty and "sexiness" if you will. I am a firm believer in that EVERY woman is beautiful and has something special and unique about her. My job is bringing that out and helping you connect with those parts of yourself. With proper posing, light, professional hair and makeup and well-planned wardrobe every woman looks her best... One of the benefits of working with an experienced boudoir photographer is that we are prepared to work with women of all sizes and body types. I pay incredible attention to detail and direct my poses down to the finger-tips.
  • "I don't know how to pose or '"be sexy"'
    I mean, really, who does? I consider myself a pretty awkward girl but people have told me for years how they like my "style" and how "sexy" I's in who you are, the way you move, your smile, the culmination of your life experiences that make you, YOU. Your body is just the physical manifestation of that. I will walk you through every single thing and my experience photographing women makes me extremely detail-oriented..always focusing on curves and long graceful limbs, beautiful necklines (no double chins!!) and relaxed, comfortable poses...
  • "I don't own anything sexy"
    Well I just happen to own lots of sexy and beautiful things. I have curated a wardrobe collection of VS, WeareHaH, Free People and other intimates, bridal robes and maternity pieces, veils, garters, hose and harnesses and gigi pip and janessa leone hats that are yours for borrowing. A session like this is the opportunity to think outside the norm, wear things you might never wear in "real life" and find a look that is uniquely "you". I will consult with you about your wardrobe and/or completely style you myself...
  • "I don't have anyone to do this for"
    Ok, I hear this a lot. And I mean I will admit this is an investment and I know that with most women the last place they will spend money is on themselves. Lots of brides are doing sessions for a groom's wedding day gift, women are doing boudoir for anniversaries or Valentine's day or other holidays, they choose boudoir to celebrate a milestone age or weight loss or other accomplishment. There really is no one singular awesome reason to do this but my favorite is just for yourself. I have found over the years my favorite thing about boudoir is connecting with women, spending hours in my studio with them, hearing their stories, laughing, making art and showing them to themselves through my lens and the lens the rest of the world usually see's them too. I love how empowering this experience is for women and think every woman should have the opportunity to see themselves through the eyes of an artist.
  • "This is too expensive for me to do for myself"
    During the years I have been shooting boudoir, I have worked toward getting to this place to offer a full-service boudoir studio with a high-end experience, fine art prints and heirloom quality albums. There were many years where the experience was nice, but less and the price reflected that. I think of it this way, this really is something most women might do one time in their life. I wanted to make it memorable and perfect. I feel like I am able to do that now. Every session includes professional hair and makeup with lash application, styling consult, access to wardrobe and your own personal reveal. It's fairly easy to see the difference in photographs taken by someone who shoots boudoir and someone who specializes in boudoir and photographing women. I have spent a lot of time and money on education and building an experience I am proud of with lots of amazing women having come through my studio. I would also mention that pricing would be about 1/2 to comparable packages you will find at similar studios in NoVa and DC. I'll also just throw in- you're totally worth it. I do offer installments if budget is an issue and several different package options.
  • "I'm too old"
    Let's face it, growing old gracefully is a challenge for sure. But there is something to be said for withstanding the tests of time, for embracing the storms of life and years, our wrinkles and stretch marks and extra pounds. I have personally struggled with this after being basically a genetic beast most of my life, athletic and strong and looking forever young. Then a battle with cancer took away the very things that defined me as a woman and the years since have left lots of physical struggles and at the ripe old age of 48 or so I found myself constantly criticizing myself for the weight that medical induced menopause "gifted" me and for the noticeable changes that weathering the years had caused. Then, in a moment I had this thought- that my old beat up body had fought so hard for me, endured so much- and maybe I should be a little gentler on myself. I have learned to embrace all the things that make me beautiful beyond skin-deep and the truth is I have never wanted a photo session more than in these last couple years to mark this place in my life and honor my own journey. I have photographed women in their late 50's & 60's Beauty indeed has no age.

So glad to have found Misty on Google looking to get a surprise photoshoot done. I hate taking pictures because I can never get the right angle, so I went it expecting to look horrible in the pictures that were about to be taken. I’m not sure if it was her coaching, the fierce make up and lashes from Lauren, or the fact that she is just amazing with a camera, but I would recommend to anyone! I see why women say you have to have at least one boudoir shoot in your life time! Samantha


Notes from the studio. 

I have been photographing weddings & women for the last 12 years. This experience and my love for boudoir has led me to create the area's only upscale, full-service boutique boudoir studio offering on-site hair and makeup, a high-end designer client closet, a unique studio aesthetic and luxury products. 

I Have built a client closet that caters to today's woman and today's bride, offering you a curated collection of lingerie, veils, hair pieces and other"whites" from designers like WeareHah, For Love & Lemons,Free People, Thistle+ Spire, Untamed Petals and more. I am comforatable

and confident photographing all body types. All women are welcome here.

I do photograph couples but not erotica, I consider males on a case by case basis, but I do not do nudes of men. If you have questions please reach out, I'm happy to answer your questions or I may be able to direct you to a more appropriate photographer. 

Take a peek at a few recent boudoir galleries.



dark moody boudoir



artsy and ethereal



sexy soulful curvy

Need more info?

Here are the basics. 

Booking deposit of $200 to hold your date. Package pricing begins at $1000. Full collection menu will be emailed to you. Range of packages to choose from and they all include digital files. You can always save 10% by paying in full at booking. Hair+Makeup is always included. Follow my Instagram because I sometimes do flash sales. You can find lots of reviews from clients on my google business page. 


Hair and makeup will be arranged for you at my studio with my regular hair and makeup girl, Brittany Cretella of IzzyB Makeup or one of my hand-selected backups. Your total appt. time will be around 3 to 4 hours. I will handle everything for you.


After booking your date you are welcome to come to an in person consult at my studio to plan and choose wardrobe or this can be done the day of your session. The balance for your session and package is payable by the day of your session.


The Packages contain digital files, fine art prints, heirloom quality albums, etc. If you would like to arrange installments, you can book out a few months in order to give yourself time to pay for your package.


After your session I will send you all of your images through an online proofing gallery. You will choose your favorites and any add-on's you might like. This ensures that you see every pose and you get to choose from the comfort of your home or with your partner if you like. My studio practices are set-up to be convenient, no pressure- and my pricing is always transparent. 


How do I get started? 


Contact me through the contact me section below and send me your questions. I will send you my full collection document with pricing and other details. Pay your booking deposit and pick a date and we’ll get you on the calendar.


I will send you lots of other information after you book your date for how to prepare for your session. Come in for a consult if you like or just plan your outfits, etc. Start looking for hair and makeup inspiration and thinking about the vibe you are going for. Don't worry you can do multiple looks - want something that includes edgy, romantic and artsy? No worries, you can have it all!


Come in for your session. You will choose your package by this time and your balance is payable by today (don’t worry you can always upgrade your package if you want more images/products!). Relax while my stylist creates your perfect look. We will then talk about your outfits and plan your session. Next I will walk you through the whole session, you’re going to love it.


About a week after your session you will either come in for a reveal of your images or do it through an online proofing gallery - all that’s left is to pick your favorites! If your package contains digital files you will receive final galleries within two weeks, if your package contains products you will either come pick them up at my studio or if you are not in the area we can arrange shipping.

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